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War Dogs Remembered

Galen Myotherapy are proud to share information about our charity, which we set up in 2015.

War Dogs Remembered was formed to pay tribute to and raise awareness of all the dogs that have served in the military. We raise funds to educate and share knowledge around the tremendous work that these dogs have undertaken, some paying the ultimate price for their service. We have a large following on social media, and we're proud to tell the stories of dogs that have saved countless lives.

Since 2016, Julia Robertson, founder of War Dogs Remembered has taken part in the annual Remembrance Parade in Ypres, Belgium with her Labrador, Molly. The event on 11 November attracts large crowds who wish to pay their respects to all the soldiers who were killed in the Great War but never found. Molly wears a coat that reads "Pet dogs like me saved thousands of soldiers' lives".

At this ceremony we lay three wreaths, which are sponsored by our supporters. These wreaths commemorate dogs that saw duty in World War One, World War Two, and a third wreath to show respect to dogs that lost their lives in conflicts since.

Other activities we are currently involved in a project to build activity trails dedicated to dogs that have served, for dogs and owners to visit, connect and engage with.​


More about our mission, and what we believe

Our mission is to raise awareness of war dogs through activities and education. For us, it is vital that we remember the role that dogs have played in supporting armed forces personnel, and the number of lives that have been saved by their involvement and activities. Note that our remembrance of these animals is not a celebration; it is instead a show of respect for the work that they have done, and continue to do.

Through our attendance of events, creation of physical activities and through providing education about war dogs we can illustrate their dedication, loyalty and skill. This in turn will lead to greater respect and appreciation of the same qualities that can be found in all dogs.Our first fixed dog trail is currently under development in Windsor, and for this we're thrilled to be working with Stephen Jenkins. We will be sharing information around this trail, and the journey of it's construction on our Facebook page, where you can also keep up to date with all of our activities. As always, we will also be laying wreaths at the Menin Gate in Ypres as part of the Rememberance Day memorial.

You can find out more by visiting, and we also publish stories and remember war dogs on our dedicated Facebook page.
The work that War Dogs Remembered do is simply wonderful. So often these heroes are forgotten, and War Dogs Remembered ensure that this isn't the case, presenting stories respectfully. Thank you for all that you do.