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The Integrated Movement of the Dog DVD

We are delighted to announce that our DVD Tongue to Tail – the Integrated Movement of the Dog has won ‘The Maxwell Award’ by the ‘Dog writers association of America’.

The DVD has been produced by Julia Robertson, with Liz Pope of Galen Natural Progression giving the DVD the narration explaining what is being seen on the screen. It is presented by Andy Mead BVet Med MRCVS.

“It gives me great pleasure as a veterinary surgeon with an interest in dog movement and anatomy to write a review of this wonderful DVD – which is unique, informative, and above all, enjoyable to watch.”

Suzannah Stacey BSc BVM&S MRCVS Cert Vet Acu (ABVA 2004)

“I highly recommend this very informative and surprisingly moving dvd ‘From Tongue to Tail‘ . Step by step this describes the way in which the dog moves and how he uses his body to perform tasks that we expect of him. A must for everyone involved with training or competing with dogs, and a useful reference for the trainers of all assistance dogs.”

Dr Claire Guest, CEO and Director of Operations, Medical Detection Dogs.

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  • Rest of world: £10.50


Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog

Julia Robertson’s Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog is one of CRC Press’ most popular veterinary titles. It has sold thousands of copies and flies off the bookstand at vet conferences. Accessibly written, practical and comprehensive, it is a must-read for anybody involved in canine welfare, whether veterinary practitioner, student, therapist, dog trainer or even dog owner.’

Alice Oven, Senior Editor, Veterinary Medicine, CRC Press

Taylor Francis Publishing has released this book written by Julia Robertson and Andy Mead MRCVS ‘Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog‘ , they specialise in books and e-books for professionals and students in medicine, veterinary medicine and the sciences. Interest in canine massage and physical therapy has grown as greater emphasis is placed on the general fitness and agility of dogs, as pets and as sporting animals.

In 2006, Julia developed ‘The Galen Training Academy of Canine Studies’ which included the courses ‘Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology’ and ‘Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma. The Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma course was designed to teach people how to make a career from Galen Myotherapy and to make a team of Galen Myotherapists, who together with Julia would help Galen Myotherapy become more known and recognised.

Julia is a published author of three books and has produced two DVD’s ‘Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog’ published by Taylor Francis (co-authored with Andy Mead BVet Med M.R.C.V.C.) ‘The Complete Dog Massage Manual’ published by Hubbie and Hattie ‘Exercising your Puppy’ published by Hubble and Hattie, co-authored with Liz Pope. They won the coveted ‘The Dog Writers Association of America’ Maxwell Award for the DVD ‘Tongue to Tail – the integrated movement of the dog’.


The Complete Dog Massage Manual

The Complete Dog Massage Manual demonstrates and explains relevant and safe massage for your dog, together with information about how the dog ‘works’ in relation to what effects massage has.

Clear photos and technique descriptions explain how you can be so much more in touch with the health of your canine companion, help her recover from trauma, and establish a bond of trust and communication between you.

Reader reviews:

“This book is very comprehensive with excellent photographs. The Author is highly qualified and teaches courses in the subject too!”

“Really informative book and it is easy to follow even though I have never done a course on canine massage. My dogs love it!”

“The book was very useful, explaining fully the anatomy of the dog and how all of the bodily systems work such as digestion and circulation and how massage can promote these systems.”

“It also gives you some basic techniques to use on your dog which are well explained and have pictures, there is also a trouble shooting section should you have diffculty performing the massage techniques on your dog which is also very helpful.”


Exercising your Puppy

This unique book is available now! It has been authored by Julia Robertson and Elisabeth Pope and it offers a gentle, natural and pragmatic approach to how to exercise you puppy from 8 weeks to 18 months. Foreword by Val Foss. Whether you’ve just bought your first puppy, or are an experienced dog breeder, this book is essential reading. A detailed outline of how puppies develop physiologically, together with appropriate exercises for them at each relevant stage of their puppy-hood, helping ensure good balance, mobility and health throughout your dog s life.

Easy to follow, with clear instructions and helpful photographs, this is a detailed outline of how puppies develop physiologically, together with appropriate exercises for them at each relevant stage of their puppyhood. Different breeds develop at different paces, and all the exercises covered in this book are soft exercises meaning that the puppy/dog dictates what he or she can do.

By adopting a more natural exercise regime, puppy owners can encourage appropriate and robust development of their dogs muscular and skeletal framework, thus assisting good mobility from puppyhood through to adulthood. From alleviating stress on developing joints using obstacle negotiation, to how and when to massage your puppy, this is a comprehensive guide suitable for beginners and experienced dog owners alike.

No dogs, or anyone, can move and be able to do things without muscles. It does not help to have a healthy body if there are no muscles to support joints and skeleton, the muscles are the engine that makes our bodies work and keep the body in balance. Julia Robertson is a specialist on muscles and muscle therapy, and does a pioneering work in UK at her canine therapy center.

Turid Rugaas, International Dog Trainer, Norway