Galen Myotherapy

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How we can help your dog

The natural movement patterns of a dog can change following an injury or due to environmental challenges, which over a period of time can cause postural adaptations that can lead to discomfort and pain.

Galen Myotherapy promotes health and treats chronic muscular pain in dogs through detailed assessments and effective treatment programs, including specialised massage techniques. We also use dynamic remedial and strengthening techniques, to manage the chronic muscular pain and inflammation that is caused by the many different conditions that are so common in a dog’s life.

What we can help with

Galen Myotherapy can be highly effective in many conditions and situations, including:
  • Repetitive strain injuries - one of the most common causes
  • Ongoing lameness that is typically difficult to pin-point accurately
  • Osteoarthritis – especially in dogs that are intolerant to anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Patella subluxation (think the ‘Jack Russell Hop’)
  • Behavioural issues
  • Compensatory issues
  • Whiplash caused from impact at speed
  • Enhancing the health and performance of sporting dogs – ‘Keeping Working Dogs Working’
Practically every lameness in a dog will be from a muscular problem and most of the conditions we see are as a result of underlying conditions, old injuries or repetitive strains.

How we work

Galen Myotherapy treatments are totally specific to your dog. We work very closely with you as the dog owner, giving clear information and instructions all the way through the treatment process.

Galen Myotherapy’s unique Positive PACT® treatment protocol ensures all dogs being treated have a ‘choice’. We never use forced restraint and treatment will always take place on the floor or on a low level, which is where a dog is most comfortable.

A Galen Myotherapist only works on dogs that have a signed a veterinary consent form that adheres to the UK Veterinary Act and all Galen Myotherapists are fully qualified and insured.

What a treatment involves

During the first appointment the Myotherapist will use the Galen Comfort Scale© to gather information about your dog from you. This includes history of injury/accidents, environment, exercise routine and any behavioural issues to help build a comprehensive picture of your dog’s health and comfort.

Following a postural and hands on assessment, the Myotherapist will use specialised massage techniques to treat any areas of muscular tension. They may also use dynamic remedial and strengthening techniques, to manage any chronic muscular pain and inflammation.

During the appointment the Myotherapist will give you tools to help your dog between treatments which may include small changes to their environment or activities which will positively impact your dog’s health.

You are likely to see a change in your dog’s movement or behaviour after the first treatment but it usually takes three treatments to make an effective change to a dog’s muscular health.

Now find your nearest Galen Myotherapist

We’re very proud of our Myotherapists who are enriching the lives of dogs across the UK and abroad.

Each of the team are devoted to the welfare of dogs and have gone through extensive training to qualify as a Galen Myotherapists so they can provide the highest level of care.

You can find more information about our team by clicking here.

Unfortunately, it may be that you’re not in the same geographical area as a Galen Canine Myotherapist, but would still like your dog to benefit from the treatment that we can provide. If this is the case, we’re pleased to say that our Distance Support Programme can help, offering guided support for you and your dog, wherever you are in the world. If you are not close to a Galen Canine Myotherapist, but would still like to know how we can help, then please visit our Distance Support Programme page.
Theo has loved every session he’s had. The minute Lucy walks in, he goes straight to his special blanket & lays down to wait in anticipation. On occasion, even trying to climb onto her lap! Lucy’s magic hands have really helped his general well being. She’s loosened areas that have evidently been uncomfortable and has given us guidance around specific exercises we can do to target potential areas that ought to be stronger.