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The Galen Comfort Scale

The Galen Comfort Scale has been organically developed to measure and gauge a dog’s level of comfort from a mobility and lameness perspective.

The scale has been scientifically developed over 20 years of experience, identifying behavioural and physical changes that relate to a dogs physical and muscular health.

We use the Galen Comfort Scale to document quantitative change from treatments but it can also help owners to identify any changes they observe in their dog’s behaviour. Try it on your own dog with the free download at the bottom of the page.


Pain and Behaviour Indicators

Pain and behaviour interpretation is an integral part of how we work and we’ve identified key behavioural indicators from the thousands of dogs who have been treated by Galen Myotherapy.

The Galen Comfort Scale© uses these indicators as markers to how a dog’s behaviour or behavioural patterns relate to their physical comfort or discomfort. It’s a tool for dog handlers and owners to gain a better understanding of their dog’s comfort level, giving specific areas to observe such as a dog’s actions and activity to gain pertinent and insightful information about how their dog could be feeling. A dog’s behaviours may not obviously indicate a deep muscle pain, such as persistent paw or body licking, or chewing, itching or digestive issues. But these are examples of just some of the behaviours that Galen Myotherapy has discovered can be directly connected to chronic muscle inhibition, stiffness and lameness.

We do not call it a ‘pain scale’ because, as therapists, we cannot legally or ethically diagnose ‘pain’. However, we can make an opinion of a dog’s comfort based on our years of study, and behaviours exhibited before Galen Myotherapy treatment and the changes in their behaviours and attitudes after.

More about the Galen Comfort Scale

Why use it?
Through the Galen Comfort Scale© we aim to increase awareness and understanding of the pain and behaviour in dogs. We hope it can help owners to identify any changes they observe in their dog’s behaviour so they can better communicate with their veterinary and health professional. Through observing these key indicators we hope to broaden people’s perspective and offer a deeper understanding of the challenges a dog in discomfort can have on a daily basis.

How we use it
As Galen Myotherapists we use the Galen Comfort Scale to document quantitative change from treatments which is included in our reports to Veterinary Surgeons. It is also included within our Distance Support Programme.

How you can use it
To download the Galen Comfort Scale, simply click on the button below. It's a pdf file which you'll be able to save on your phone or computer.


Based on experience and science
Julia was one of the very first in the UK to understand and treat the effects of adaptive change (or muscular compensation) in dogs and through years of dedication has learned that trends, patterns of behaviour and physical changes occur in a dog when they are suffering with muscular pain. This quantification of the nature of the changes has now been formalised into the Galen Comfort Scale©, which is being used in the many studies and treatments which Galen is involved in. The treatments used to formulate this scale have been carefully documented and analysed over the years to prepare the scale using behaviour and physical indicators and signs that we have found have strong direct correlations to physical discomfort of dogs.

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