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Galen Myotherapy are the world leader in treatment, education, and research, and we remain committed to enriching the lives of dogs all across the world.

As part of this commitment, it’s absolutely vital for us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and understanding in the field of canine movement, and comfort. It is also written into our Guiding Principles, the importance of sharing information to support owners, handlers, and other canine professional in whatever way we can.

To this end, Julia has written several books and also writes various blog posts and articles on the subject sharing her knowledge. These are published in various forms and on social media, however we are also keen to share them here. Please be sure to revisit this page, as the collection of articles and posts grows.

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The Canine Ice Rink
For us humans, we rely on having safe surfaces to walk on. Consider if the flooring within our homes was ice and our feet were the shape and design of ice skates? Have you considered that this could be how dogs feel when they are walking on shiny floors, such as tiles or laminate floors? Building on our consideration of our environment from a dogs perspective, this article looks at how the choices we make in our homes can affect our dogs, their movement, and their overall wellbeing.
By Julia Robertson
Dec 2020

Should we be teaching our puppy to sit?
Telling your dog to sit is so entrenched within years of dog training methodology, but is it still relevant? This article discusses its current application and looks at the physical action of ‘sit’ and then ‘stand’. It also considers the loads and stresses, produced with this natural, but potentially excessively repeated action. The article reflects on this from the perspective of puppies, but also how ‘sit’ is so conditioned into our everyday training, how it could affect older dogs that maybe less mobile.
By Julia Robertson
October 2020

Give your dogs a pillow
‘Does your dog have a pillow?’ A common statement said by Julia that is often greeted with amusement! However, there is real substance behind this question. This article discusses why offering a pillow could improve your dogs’ comfort, and by doing that could improve their everyday health through also aiding better sleep. The type of bed is so important, as it is for us; this article discusses the physical reasons why it is also important to consider also offering a pillow.
By Julia Robertson
May 2019

Toetal Balance
The removal of a dog’s toe may on the surface appear to be a minor operation. This article discusses how dog’s toes and their removal, can really impact on the dog’s total balance. Should a toe have to be removed, the importance of suitable treatment, because with good management, it could potentially have an ongoing and worsening impact on the mobility.
By Julia Robertson
June 2018

I looked at so many courses that are available, but I'm so glad that I decided to study with you. The difference for me was the way you give dogs choice, and I couldn't imagine working any other way. Since graduating I've been able to support my dogs, and the support you gave me in marketing have allowed me to build a client base in my local town and beyond.

I couldn't imagine not being part of Galen Therapy Centre now, thank you SO much!