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People That We Work With

We truly believe that there is strength in working alongside other people that have similar values to us, and we're proud to share the details of some of our associates here.

Some of these associations are with experts in their field, such as Turid Rugaas, Professor Daniel Mills, or Chirag Patel. In other cases, they're other training facilities who provide a wide variety of courses, and we're luckly enough to work with some of these in connection with our International Schools programme. We've provided contact details in each case so if you have any questions you can contact them directly.

If you believe your organisation or company share our values around enriching the lives of dogs, and you'd be interested in working with us, then why not get in contact today?
// World-renowned expert

Turid Rugaas

Location: Global
Type: Animal Behaviour expert
More information: www./

Julia first met Turid when she was asked to talk at her annual Symposium in Oslo in 2014. After they met there and compared their respective views and knowledge, they knew that by working together a fantastic synergy could be formed.

To this date they are still friends and working together; and have trained and spoken together, literally all over the world. Turid working from a psychological perspective with dogs, and Julia (Galen) working from a physical. These two components of canine health cannot be separated, as both are equally important. This is something Turid and Julia have been working together for all these years, to send this combined message. The dogs that Galen have now helped internationally are often a result of Turid’s direction and introduction. Galen has been given a great opportunity to fulfil their aims, which is to educate people how to understand their dogs more, recognise discomfort, plus help them ease that discomfort.

Turid has asked Julia to write a book and they are also planning on writing a book together – that’s if they both sit still for long enough! Thank you Turid, we hope our working relationship will go from strength to strength!
// World-leading expert

Professor Daniel Mills

Location: Global / Lincoln University
Type: Animal Behaviour Expert

Galen Myotherapy are delighted to be working with University of Lincoln and Prof Daniel S. Mills BVSc PhD CBiol FRSB FHEA CCAB Dip ECAWBM(BM) FRCVS. Julia was also delighted to be presenting a talk on ‘Canine Pain and Behaviour’ at the same Dog Symposium in Taiwan in January 2019.
// Canine Behavioural Expert

Sindhoor Pangal

Location: Bangalore, India
Type: Canine Behavioural Expert
Facebook: @bharcs

Julia and Galen has had a long association with Sindhoor Pangal, MD of BHARCS. Their relationship goes back to 2015 when Julia and Sindhoor first met at a Turid training module, where Julia was teaching canine biomechanics and exercise physiology in South Carolina, USA.

Since then in 2017 a Galen team has been to India, and spent 10 days treating dogs, training and speaking at Seminars. Due to the success of the visit there are also exciting plans for a revisit to Bangalore in February 2021, and for more training and seminars.

Sindhoor has trained as a Galen Myotherapist which she uses within her work as a teacher and also to care for Nishi, her beloved dog who had suffered a bad accident as a puppy. Galen Myotherapy has really enhanced Nishi’s overall health and mobility which has been severely compromised due to the effects of the accident.

Galen’s choice-led treatment forms the perfect synergy with BHARCS methodology of training through choice; this is just one of the common features that maintains this strong relationship as both organisations are passionate about enhancing dogs lives.
// Canine Health Specialists

Hannah Capon / CAM

Location: Global
Type: Canine Health Specialists

At Galen, Julia and the team meet many extraordinary and driven people, one such person is the incredible Hannah Capon MRCVS. Julia met Hannah back in 2013, when Hannah as a vet was asked for consent for treatment for one of her patients. She was not happy to just sign, she wanted to know more. After giving Julia a bit of a grilling (as a Galen Myotherapists we love it when a Vet asks many questions!) she said in her own inimitable way ‘well, I suppose I had better come and see what this is all about!’. She came and shadowed a treatment, then another, then said ‘I suppose I had better do this course now’!

From that point Hannah has championed chronic muscle pain management in dogs and did subsequently start CAM (Canine Arthritis Management). She also came as part of the Galen team to Bangalore in 2017.

In her own words, on her Galen Myotherapist page, attributes ‘Julia and Galen as being the catalyst for CAM’. Hannah has only the dogs best interest at heart and this is why she and our other associates have so much in common with Galen. Please support CAM, it is an amazing organisation!
// Canine Health Specialist

Dr Isla Fishburn

Location: Global
Type: Conservation Biologist and Wellness Professional

Julia first was introduced to Isla by Galen Myotherapist Sue Maclennan in 2015. Sue said that she had met this ‘extraordinary woman’ and she wanted us to meet, the extraordinary woman was Isla, and sue was correct in her description! One meeting later, and now an ongoing association. Due to Isla living way up in the wonderful north of England, we don’t see her as much as we would like to; however, Sue works with Isla on many projects, they have used their combined therapies to treat dogs and they have presented at seminars together.

Isla is another individual who is tirelessly working towards enhanced health and wellbeing for all dogs, she combines her knowledge of science and indigenous wisdom to improve the wellness of dogs and people. Her work is extraordinary and we are very proud to have her as an associate.
// Complementary Veterinary Medicine Advocates


Location: Global
Type: Complementary Veterinary Medicine Advocates
Website: www,

CAM4animals and Galen have been associated for just a couple of years. Their connection is driven by their common approach in wanting to ensure professional, qualified therapists and therapies, to form part of the integrative canine health team, that works legally and wholly ethically alongside veterinary medicine. We are about providing specialised and highly trained therapies and treatment modalities, such as Galen Myotherapy, to enable enrichment of dogs lives.

CAM4animals have shared and expound many of our case histories as examples of ethical and effective working with all types of dog from Kai the totally amazing Fire Detection Dog, to pet dogs.
I looked at so many courses that are available, but I'm so glad that I decided to study with you. The difference for me was the way you give dogs choice, and I couldn't imagine working any other way. Since graduating I've been able to support my dogs, and the support you gave me in marketing have allowed me to build a client base in my local town and beyond.

I couldn't imagine not being part of Galen Therapy Centre now, thank you SO much!